Introducing Techflare

Embrace Technology

Since 2004 TechFlare has been helping companies transform using technology. We are business transformers! We get companies ahead and keep them ahead. We do this by being thought leaders and consultants, implementing services and technologies through good project reputation of being tenacious, creative and available.

A big reason for our success over the years in building a business up is our passion for technology and the inner desire to help others through support and service. Technology can be an outstanding competitive advantage for business but equally so it can be a terribly frustrating tool when it fails to work or works badly. TechFlare prides itself in helping its clientele overcome these challenges through consistent services and a dedication to getting results. We love to help!

From the beginning the team behind TechFlare has put its innate curiosity to affect in chasing down solutions for customers and discovering how technology can better business and better people. We have spent years advising others on the best strategies and solutions most of which has been done complimentary and part of our partnership with our clientele. We have also been very committed to being a socially aware business providing many charities with funding and expertise. On top of this TechFlare has been an incubator for young engineers and technicians to find their stride in an ever changing market. At the heart of this business is a desire to service and a willingness to explore and drive change.

If you are looking to embrace technology with an honest and ethical business partner then look no further!


Meet Some of The Team

Our team is integral to our success

Geoff Olds

Managing Director

Geoff Olds, the Managing Director and founder of TechFlare, is an unapologetic advocate of technology. A born entrepreneur, Geoff is often found in the offices of TechFlare talking excitedly about new technologies and ideas and opportunities to transform business. With over 19 years’ experience in the ICT industry, Geoff loves nothing better than building strategies and providing leadership in this sector both internally and externally. Geoff also spends time consulting and doing speaking gigs to the broader market.

David Caldwell

Service Manager

David Caldwell, TechFlare’s head of service, is a man driven by a passion for people. Always good for an old fashioned yarn, this country boy spends most of his time on the phone coaching staff and improving service levels within the business and behalf of customers. Within a desire for continual for continual improvement, David has been key in TechFlare’s growth over the last 7 years.

Nick Heng

Operations Manager

Nick Heng, the company’s head of operations, is a man with a high level of consistency and focus. Nick has been patiently working at TechFlare for the last 8 years seeking to continue to build the business and improve its standards. Nick heads up the companies day-to-day operations and has been key in the business as it steadily grows towards bigger and greater milestones

Jason Selkirk

ICT Manager

Jason Selkirk has been with the business from day one and has served in many roles as the business has grown from strength to strength. Instrumental in the founding of the business, Jason currently serves as the companies ICT Manager and a lead thinker in the technology space. When he is not researching and developing new technologies, Jason is coaching internal engineers and providing critical thinking in developing solutions.

Garret Olds

Solutions Manager

Garret Olds started with TechFlare not long after the company was founded. A mainstay of the business Garret serves as one of the nicest solution and provisioning managers on the planet. A man who has time for everyone, Garret has patiently acted as a key supporter of internal and external team members. His deep knowledge of the hardware and software world is often put to practice when serving new and existing customers. Unfortunate to have been born the younger brother to the companies Managing Director.

Jim Wood

Technical Manager

Jim Wood, a long veteran at TechFlare, serves as the companies Technical Manager. For years Jim has toiled in implementing projects, providing design services, patiently support customers and importantly being the gold standard for engineers to aspire to. Jim has a long passion for technology and is ever fighting to improve standards, processes, systems with the ultimate goal to provide the best service and support to TechFlare’s customers.

Matthew Cunningham

Business Development Manager

Matthew is an experienced business development manager and network engineer. Having spent a large time at Telstra and other vendors, Matthew has a long history of putting together network and ICT solutions. He has an outstanding background in being extraordinarily helpful and consultative. Matt is a family man with a passion for life and all it offers.

Denise Clark

Service Delivery Manager

Denise Clark, probably the most popular member of TechFlare’s team, serves as a brilliantly patient and truly caring Service Delivery Manager. Her energy levels boundless, Denise is always pushing, advocating and sometimes bullying on behalf of her clients. A perfectionist at heart, Denise loves nothing better to see projects and work being delivered at high levels consistently.

Shabd Rindani

Sales & Service Delivery Manager

Shabd Rindani has spent a long time in the IT and Network industries serving in multiple roles. Her role at TechFlare is a mixed bag switching between sales and service roles with ease. Highly energetic and always good for a laugh, Shabd loves nothing better than sitting over a coffee and developing solutions and resolving problems.

Pratik Shrestha

Web Project Coordinator

Pratik Shrestha is a quiet man with a big smile and endless patience when it comes to delivering on behalf of the company its clientele. Pratik has strong experience in the ICT industry and works on ensuring our development work is carried out on time and within budget. Pratik also is a brilliant artist and never ceases to amaze the staff at TechFlare with his latest creations.

Sue Weti

Service Delivery Manager

Sue Weti has spent a long time in the world of technology and has seen it all. As one of the companies Service Delivery Manager’s, Sue spends most of her day on the phone with clientele providing them with solutions and service and building better outcomes. Sue loves nothing better when work is being done consistently and her customers are happy campers.

Sam Morgan

Project Engineer

Sam Morgan, is a gentle giant with enormous tenacity in getting results. Despite a seemingly eternal lack of sleep, Sam keeps pushing to get cut through and find the answers to some very complicated questions. As a project engineer, Sam spends a lot of time working away ensuring services are delivered and all the variable components come together in time and on budget.

Embrace Technology

Two words that say a whole lot

How do you find an expression or phrase that sums up a company? TechFlare’s mission statement and purpose brought together so many unique values that it is impossible to come up with something that really says it all. At least that’s what we thought. And then out of nowhere came Embrace Technology. Two words that says so much.

We are a technology business and how better to express how we feel about this wonderful market and how we think business should utilise or handle it. In our opinion there is no other way in tackling the world of technology other than to go all in. To thrust out both hands and hold on. To jump into the deep end. We also love the idea of the word embrace. After all it’s such a human word. A word that connects us. A word that really describes how partnerships should be done. Embrace Technology! Embrace Technology with TechFlare.


For the most part, high praise is the sound of silence...

Awards. There is nothing like receiving recognition for a job well done or extraordinary results. Whilst we don’t pretend to be the best marketers out there or applicants for these things it is nice when we receive one. In fact over the years the best rewards we have received have been the praise from our clients. For the most part good technology providers are neither seen or nor heard of. Things just keep running. We still like awards though.

Not bad for a little company that started in an attic in Western Sydney only a few years ago.

The Numbers

A few facts about our company

  • 12
  • 500+
  • 1000+
  • 11,000+
  • 99.9%
  • 2,500+

Vendor Partners

The right partners help delivery excellence in solution and service...

There is no doubt our vendor partners are a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to delivering on behalf of our clients. Whether large or small, global or national, hardware or software; our partners are critical to our service delivery. From Telstra and their robust network, to the excellence and consistency of HP, through to the critical role that Microsoft plays in underpinning a solution; TechFlare strives to work hand in hand with partners to provide complete solutions.

We select our vendor partners on the basis of their technology suites and the manner in which they conduct business. Whilst financial success is important, we know that working with the right partners and their products has to come first in the continual pursuit of serving our customers and providing excellent service.

For more than 12 years TechFlare has worked hard on picking the right partners. Whilst we haven’t always found the right partners straight away, we are very proud of the many successful partnerships we have built over the years.


Picking the right mix has never been more important...

In this day and age the choices are greater than ever and the responsibility of getting the right technology mix is even more pressing. It is clear that service providers are spoilt with choice. From a range of open source technologies right through to robust commercial products with years of operation; TechFlare faces an increasing demand to invest in the right technologies on behalf of our clients.

At the forefront of our choices is working with Microsoft to deliver their expanding range of solutions on the back of the Windows and Active Directory environment. Partnering with Microsoft, means TechFlare has the capacity to deliver an end to end solution for most clients.

HP has delivered for a long time to the market and TechFlare has spent a lot of time building solutions around the HP suite. This covers everything from the server range, storage, desktop, mobility and point of sale.

Key to our success is reliability and consistency. TechFlare has invested heavily in Telstra for these reasons. The behemoth Australia national has a world class infrastructure and network and leveraging this has been key in delivering on cloud strategies and consistent up time in managing environments.


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